Laser Engraving and Embossing


Transform your leather goods into personalized masterpieces with Minx Leather's Laser Engraving services. Elevate your style with intricate designs and custom details, adding a touch of uniqueness to every piece.




Leave your mark with Minx Leather's Embossing service—9 characters to define your signature style. Elevate your accessories with a touch of personalized sophistication.



Leather collection

At Minx we can personalize your bag with laser engraving should you wish to have initials, Company Name or Logo engraved.  Leather products are truly the most amazing gift out there so make it special. Spoil your husband or wife with a personalized gift showing them you put thought into the gift.  Perfect for Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas or just cause I love you.

Our corporate collection

Thank your clients for their support, make it special and give them the gift where they know that a quality gift is what you stand for.  Spoil your sales department and provide them with a personalized Laptop Bag. Our approach remains flexible and can truly accommodate any request.

Baby Collection

The ultimate Baby shower gift is a Leather Nappy bag or Leather Dummy Clip, we can put your little one’s name or initials on the goods.